CaptaineMiaou~ 21 y.o ~ France
Eveverything that is posted on this page is my own production.

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Hasta Donde ?
Cie Sharon Fridman ( Israel )

In the festivale Les Tombée de La nuit

photo from a mockup I made for a school work.

" Listen your mother and eat your octopus "

engraving on zinc

Let’s play in the wood

For a school work

For a school work

School work for the vidéo class.
I haven’t done hafl I wanted, ‘cause I don’t have time.

92 drawing.

Listen Your Mother And Eat Your Octopus !

Listen Your Mother And Eat Your Octopus !

Delete All
And start over

For resume from the Beginning ( for those who just arrived ) :
I’m CaptaineMiaou
20 years Old ( 21 soon )
Since this year i’m a student at the higher art school ( EESAB ) at Quimper, after failure in university . I hope it works better this year ^^

I think it’s all about me.
Oh no I forgot :
My english isn’t really good, even if I think more or less
be able to make me understand X). So I apologize to the native speaker
if it’s sometimes is not very correct ^^”

About the content of my Tumblr, I'll try to post a good part of my work here ( drawings, sculpture, engraving, printing, photo, ect ) and on my deviantart ( here ).

Well, I think I have said all.
See ya ~